Our Service engineers provide services on board of vessels, in our workshop and also support our customers with knowledge and consults all around the world.

We propose affordable service of hydraulic system and we can upgrade your equipment using OEM spare parts.

Our Service engineers have extensive experience in fluid technology.

Using portable testing equipment, we improve our ability to diagnose accurately, quickly and safely the state of hydraulic and pneumatic system.

With combination of sensors, we can detect defects and damages without need of dismantling and checking for visual defects.

In this manner, we are able to:
• Reduce operating costs
• Improve of system
• Repair faults and eliminate their causes
• Comply individual service package


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Our Hose production center is equipped with hoses & fittings from leading manufacturers: Hansa Flex, Semperit, Alfagomma, Manuli, Eaton, etc.

Upon request from your side our technicians are able to provide measuring on site. According measured dimensions we are ready to produce the hoses in our workshop for reasonable prices in very short terms.

Our Service engineers are able to dismantle your old Hoses and replace them with the new manufactured. We operate 24 hours, 7 days of the week and we confirm our availability minutes after receiving your orders.

For our customers around the world we have integrated system for Hose measurement provided by the crew.

According received drawings and dimensions we can manufacture and send requested Hoses to any point in the world.

We are always ready to cooperate and support you no matter where your ship is located.

We produce CO2 hose assemblies:
• Main – between cylinders and manifold
• Pilot – between quick action valves

We replace CO2 hose assemblies and issue a Service Report.

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